Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Ecozi provide rainwater harvesting systems for new build commercial projects.

We offer efficient solutions using leading technology for filtration, storage and distribution providing maximum uptime, collection and ease of maintenance for long term reliable operation.

Ecozi has 15 years’ experience in the industry supplying systems to sectors including distribution, public sector, education, health care, power generation and manufacturing. We provide standard systems designed to suit demand, or bespoke solutions for large complex sites. Ecozi offers assistance at early design stage to ensure full consideration to all aspects of leading rainwater harvesting systems. Early design input to drainage, collection and storage is critical to ensure a system that will operate with maximum efficiency, low maintenance and maximum reliability.

Some buildings and re-purposing projects lend themselves to a retrofit system that is affordable and feasible. These projects may include above ground storage or distribution of reclaimed water to some of the applications to enhance efficiency.

The quickest ROI can often be achieved for commercial rainwater harvesting systems. The larger roof areas and high-volume non-drinking water applications provide an excellent opportunity to increase your businesses environmental strategy and make sound financial savings. ROI for equipment costs can be 3 years.

Common commercial buildings and applications that benefit from rainwater harvesting are:

  • power generation/wind farm
  • distribution centres – vehicle washing and toilets
  • manufacturing – non-critical water use for process cleaning and toilets
  • office buildings – toilets and landscape irrigation
  • schools, colleges, universities and local government buildings – toilets and landscape irrigation
  • community centres and village halls– toilets and landscape irrigation
  • equestrian and veterinary centres – washdown and toilets

The system architecture is similar to other sectors except with higher pumping pressures and larger storage tanks. Ecozi will make all the necessary calculations for you and recommend an appropriate system using industry best practice experience.